Scala Wallet

Graphical User or Command Line Interface Wallet for Scala Coin.

Your Scala Wallet can be either a physical, or virtual proof of information holding both the private, and public keys and transaction information for your Scala assets. The function of the wallet is to verify your keys, with the publicly stored ledger available by the decentralization of our secure and anonymous blockchain network; Defyx.

There are currently two ways which you can use Scala, either through a graphical user interface (gui) or a command line interface (cli). As a result of its simplicity, the gui-wallet is recommended for users new to cryptocurrency and computer coding. To download the Scala electron gui wallet, you can visit our Github in the ScalaGui section. The Scala cli-wallet is a bit more complex, and was the first ever available wallet for this platform. This wallet is a basic command line interface used to input text codes to call for specific folder/directories; essentially doing the work of the gui wallet’s buttons manually. Along with the cli wallet download will come the Scala Daemon, and blockchain import tools, allowing you to download and run a copy of the ledger for yourself. The Scala/cli-wallet download can be found here: ScalaCli.