Panthera PoW algorithm

Describes the proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm used in the blockchain.

(RandomX + Yespower + KangarooTwelve) = Panthera

Scala uses an algorithm technology combining RandomX with our own variant of yespower. In addition we have combined a quantum resistant algorithm called KangarooTwelve to create a new PoW algorithm that we called Panthera.

It is faster than RandomX and is extremely resistant to not just ASICs and FPGAs, but is also rated level 2 quantum-resistant due to the inclusion of K12.

Technical details

RandomX utilizes a virtual machine that executes programs in a special instruction set that consists of integer math, floating point math and branches.

These programs can be translated into the CPU’s native machine code on the fly. At the end, the outputs of the executed programs are consolidated into a 256-bit result, using a cryptographic hashing function (Blake2b).

In Panthera, the Blake2b hash is further hashed using Yescrypt-RH and KangarooTwelve, which makes it much more difficult for GPUs to attain an unfair advantage, and which also allows the algorithm to be resistant to ASICs/FPGAs and level 2 quantum computers.

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